I'm getting a virus warning when downloading or opening a resource!

Once or twice a year we help a customer with a "false positive" virus detection when they are trying to download or open a Twinkl resource. A false positive detection is when an anti-virus program incorrectly reports a file as being dangerous - this can happen for many reasons, especially as viruses continue to evolve and increase in complexity.

Whilst the number of instances of false-positive detections is very low, because we take security so seriously and value your trust so highly, we treat any report with the highest possible priority. When you get in touch we promise we'll do everything we can, both technically, and personally, to confirm the false positive directly with your anti-virus company, ensure you can be confident there is genuinely no issue and help you to access any resources you need during the process.

If you'd like to read more about how we approach security at Twinkl, we'd recommend you check out the other FAQs in our Security and Access area, but our TwinklCares team is always here for you to answer, or escalate, queries of a security nature.

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