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Significantly Reduce Your School’s Ink Usage and Printing Expenditure

With teaching and support staff to consider, Twinkl Green gives school subscribers peace of mind. Our new Eco products will significantly reduce your school’s ink usage and printing expenditure, freeing up more budget for you to spend on improving children's lives. Your team can enjoy access to our lovely materials and you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that our resources now use less ink than ever before!

  • High Volume Printing
    If you print lots of materials each day, our new Super Eco ink-saving products are for you! A school printing 100 resources a day on a popular laser printer will save over £4,800 ($6,300) per year! In short, subscribing to Twinkl School Premium will save your school thousands a year.
  • Managed Printing Service
    If you pay by the page but use our ink-saving materials at your school, you can still make significant savings. Use our Super Eco materials to gain up to 73% more ink, by using less ink per page!
  • Instant Access with Twinkl Premium for Schools
    Order Twinkl Premium for Schools today for instant access to our Twinkl Green teaching materials.

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In short, using Twinkl's new Twinkl Green materials result in huge ink cost savings, as well as being great for the environment. Lovely!

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about our green initiative, our lovely TwinklCares Team would love to hear from you. Get in touch here.

Twinkl Green - Alt Icons

Ink Saving Alternatives

Look out for the leaf icons! These replace our black & white and colour alts - they're exactly the same as before, just adapted with ink-saving in mind.

The Super Eco icons represent our best ink-saving option, available in black & white and colour. Simply click on the icon to download your chosen resource!

Top Tips...

There's more to Twinkl Green than just ink-saving. We've put together a guide containing printing instructions plus top tips, 'how tos' and information about our paper-saving alts.

Take a look below.